2024's Retail Revolution: 10 Brands Unveil Immersive Shopping Experience with Apple Vision Pro

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With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, brands have unveiled exclusive applications poised to redefine the shopping experience. Although the Vision Pro's current user base is relatively modest, brands are already pioneering experiments with the new device, envisioning the future landscape of e-commerce. Anticipating a broader user adoption, they are gearing up to provide an enhanced shopping journey. Leveraging spatial computing, these applications smoothly blend the virtual and physical realms, presenting the real world through Apple Vision Pro while integrating 3D objects into the scene, thereby infusing an element of enjoyment into the shopping process.

Below, discover 10 examples of fashion, beauty, sports, and home brands embracing innovation to engage consumers in novel ways:

The apps on Apple Vision Pro / Photo: Apple

1. Lowe's - Virtual Home Design

Lowe's has launched a virtual kitchen design app tailored for Apple Vision Pro devices, allowing users to immerse themselves in 3D kitchen scenarios. Customers can explore preset styles and customize various materials, fixtures, and appliances to meet their individual needs. Upon completing the design, users can convert their plans into style boards and directly shop within the Lowe's app.

Lowe's Style Studio allows users to step into their personal 3D kitchen / Photo: Lowe's

2. Wayfair Decorify - Redesigning Spaces

Wayfair Decorify app offers users the option to redesign their spaces. Whether uploading existing room photos or using sample images, Decorify can redesign users' rooms in various styles, allowing direct purchase within the app. This app utilizes spatial computing technology, enabling users to view Wayfair products in 3D within their own rooms, enhancing shopping confidence and helping reduce return rates.

Wayfair released Decorify, an app for the Apple Vision Pro / Photo: Wayfair

3. Ikea - Streamlined Shopping

Ikea has also actively joined the trend. Users can freely browse Ikea products and view them in 3D within rooms through Apple Vision Pro.

4. Zillow Immerse - Virtual House Viewing

Zillow Immerse app utilizes Apple Vision Pro's features, enabling homebuyers to take virtual tours inside homes for sale, providing panoramic views and 360-degree navigation.

5. Decathlon - New Immersive Sports Shopping

The world's largest sporting goods retailer, Decathlon, has introduced a new immersive shopping experience app designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro. This app allows users to explore Decathlon's latest products on an infinite canvas and view them in 3D in their personal environment.

6. J.Crew - Virtual Fashion Shopping

Fashion brand J.Crew has introduced a virtual shopping experience through Apple Vision Pro. Users can virtually browse J.Crew products within the app, enhancing their shopping convenience and providing a novel shopping experience.

J.Crew on Apple Vision Pro / Photo: J.Crew

7. Mytheresa - Joy of Shopping

Fashion retailer Mytheresa has launched a shopping app designed for Apple Vision Pro. Users can shop in virtual environments, accompanied by realistic 3D settings and natural sounds, enhancing the joy of shopping.

Shopping Mytheresa on Apple Vision Pro / Photo: Mytheresa

8. Elf Cosmetics - Personalized Beauty

Cosmetic brand Elf Cosmetics has introduced an app called "your best e.l.f," offering users a personalized makeup experience. The app includes various relaxation activities and immersive makeup environments, attracting more consumers to participate.

Elf Cosmetics offers three themed experiences, inspired by top products / Photo: Elf Cosmetics

9. Alo - Virtual Yoga

Lifestyle brand Alo has launched a virtual yoga experience app, allowing users to experience professional yoga classes at home in a virtual environment.

Alo Yoga on Apple Vision Pro / Photo: Alo

10. eToro - Virtual Trading

In a recent interview, eToro CEO Yoni Assia disclosed the company’s intention to introduce its retail trading app to Apple and Meta Platforms‘ VR headsets. Investment platform eToro is considering introducing its trading app to Apple Vision Pro, providing users with a new virtual trading experience.

Leading the charge in innovation, fashion, beauty, and home decor brands are spearheading the development of immersive experiences on platforms such as Apple Vision Pro. This marks the dawn of a transformative era in spatial shopping and immersive storytelling. As the user base for head-mounted displays continues to expand, we anticipate a shift towards a greater emphasis on creating experiences tailored specifically for spatial viewing rather than conventional 2D screens. This shift reflects a growing demand for more immersive and interactive engagements with products and brands.

Byten21 has consistently been at the forefront of creating augmented reality experiences for some of the most prestigious luxury, entertainment, and fashion brands. Leveraging our extensive experience, Apple Vision Pro is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality even further. We eagerly anticipate the thrilling innovative experiences that technology will continue to deliver.

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